Shopping for Functional and Affordable Espresso Machines: Best Espresso Machine Reviews

various drinks you could do on your espresso machine:doppio, americano, cappuccino, latte, espresso
What is a day that doesn’t start with a hot cup of coffee or espresso? A strong aroma brewed from the finest coffee beans is enough to awaken everyone! Black, strong, aromatic and hot – this is how a perfect espresso must be served at home, and with the best espresso machines, it is no longer a problem. These devices are designed to fulfill each coffee dream because they have an intuitive operation and other beneficial characteristics. Continue reading this espresso machine review to find out more.

Nowadays, there are many models, types, and brands of coffee machines to choose from. Focus on your needs, likes, budget and other things to determine the right one for you. First, there are two main types of espresso makers available in the modern market:
1) Steam-driven
These devices use stream pressure or steam to force the water through coffee grounds and make espresso drinks. Some of them can produce some foam crema, but they cannot provide the right temperature and generate enough pressure to make an authentic espresso. Such espresso makers are suitable to make robust coffee drinks, and their price is quite affordable.
2) Pump-driven
These machines use electric pumps instead of steam-generated pressure to force the water through coffee grounds. Use them if you want to enjoy your real espresso drinks.

Besides, pump-driven espresso makers can be further divided into 2 primary groups:
1) Semi-automatic
As their name suggests, some of the steps in these machines are automatic, while others are not. It allows users to add their personal touches to final products without any tedious steps involved in making their espresso manually. This type is quite popular among modern consumers, because they can decide when to turn pumps on and off, and because temperature controls are automatic. Think about the following essential characteristics of semi-automatic espresso makers:
• Pressure and water temperature are automatic, so users get a perfect espresso each time;
• Their pumps are also user-operated, so it is possible to turn them on and off manually for ultimate control;
• Users can adjust the water flow and steam based on their personal tastes;
• There’s no built-in grinder, so it is necessary to grind your favorite coffee beans in advance.

2) Super-automatic.
Super-automatic espresso makers are all about their incredible convenience offered to users who don’t have to fine-tune anything. Almost all of their brewing steps are fully automatic, which means that all you need to do is fill a hopper with quality coffee beans and turn on this unit. This type has all the bells and whistles, including a built-in grinder. Keep in mind the following features that make it so easy to use:
• Option to connect an espresso machine to a water line to let it fill in automatically;
• Built-in coffee grinder tamps, grinds and extracts a perfect shot of espresso automatically;
• High-end models offer an ability to dispense and froth milk automatically, thus, providing users with more options for their lattes and coffees;
• 1-button touch technology lets you just push a button to get high-quality espresso in a few minutes.

Ninja Coffee Bar Review

ninja coffee bar coffee maker

Read this Ninja Coffee Bar review to get a better idea of the capabilities and features of this range of espresso makers. The characteristics offered at a competitive price are hard to match. Ninja Coffee Bar is a handy all-in-one machine that allows users to brew a variety of options, including half carafe and full carafe, travel mug and single cup. The best part is that it does not affect the richness and taste of final products.
There are 4 different brewing options offered by this device:
• Classic coffee with a balanced and smooth brew;
• Delicious coffee with a more intense flavor if you like a stronger brew or prefer to add some cream and milk without compromising the richness of your drink;
• Over ice is a perfect option for different iced-coffee cravings, and your drink will not taste watered down;
• Specialty drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, with their rich brew.
This ultimate Ninja Coffee Maker uses the latest auto-IQ technology, which is an intelligent feature that gets the right water amount based on the chosen drink size and type. Thermal flavor extraction is another patent-pending technology that automates such functions as temperature controls, coffee saturation, pre-infusion and taste richness to let you unlock the real potential of coffee beans.
Ninja Espresso Machine has the following characteristics:
• Different brew types: rich, classic, over ice and concentrated;
• Different brew sizes: travel mug and one cup, full carafe and half-carafe;
• Auto-start settings and a programmable LCD clock;
• Drip-stop feature;
• Easily removable water tank;
• Permanent filter;
• Stainless steel and glass carafe design options.
This espresso maker is a standout unit that makes many promises to users because of the availability of a wide range of added tricks. All consumers can enjoy top-quality coffee drinks at home. For instance, it has 3 basic brewing settings that make it quite versatile.
1) One setting handles one-cup brewing with its unique platform that can fold down where a carafe usually stands.
2) Another configuration is designed for standard drip brewing and regular coffee drinks. It features a standard hot plate to keep your favorite espresso drinks warm and enjoyable.
3) Last but not least is there to deliver smaller and stronger coffee servings to all espresso lovers.
When it comes to specialty brew setting, it is accompanied with a hand creamer used to whip crème or milk into an essential frothy base for all kinds of espresso drinks. Use this feature to surprise your guests with creamy and large coffee drinks that they have never tasted before. It is quite an unusual perk, and it offers an excellent alternative to anyone who drinks coffee regularly.
This Ninja coffee maker comes apart to ensure its ease of cleaning. The good news is that it has a convenient self-cleaning function that allows you to keep it from getting clogged up with coffee grounds. However, users still need to take this unit apart and clean it manually on a regular basis.
Brewing a range of flavorful coffee drinks;
24-hour delay brewing;
Producing both travel mug and single cup size batches;
Its adjustable cup platform does not allow users to make any mess.
Its integrated filter may let coffee grounds through;
Coffee may keep dripping even after finishing.

If you are in the market for a good upgrade on a standard drip coffee system, this Ninja espresso maker is your perfect choice. Shop around to find the best deal and make a comparison to end up with the highest value for the money paid.

Breville Barista Express Review

breville bes870xl barista Express espresso machine

This espresso machine is designed to allow consumers to produce and enjoy their smooth, fast and delicious coffee drinks within a few minutes while protecting the freshness and integrity of their favorite coffee beans. Breville espresso machine delivers quick and fresh espresso drinks because of its integrated and unique features that make it easy to use for anyone, from a beginner to an intermediate user. Focus on its core functions that make it happen:
• 15-bar pump pressure;
• Complete stainless steel housing;
• Built-in tamper and conical burr grinder;
• 67 oz. water tank;
• 1600W thermos-coil heating system;
• Porta-filter cradle to guarantee hands-free grinding;
• Sealed bean hopper offers ½ lbs capacity.
Using a quality espresso machine with its built-in grinder is an effective way to produce an aromatic and fresh cup of your favorite coffee. This unit can grind as much coffee as you need to brew an ideal espresso shot. However, there are even more enjoyable characteristics:
• It is possible to adjust the right coffee grind amount;
• Users can customize a preferable coffee grind type, from fine to coarse.
Select the right filter size, either double or single (they are both included in the package), and its built-in grinder will automatically dispense the right coffee ground amount for the chosen size.
If you want to use any external coffee grinder, all you need to do is hold a portafilter underneath until it is filled up with coffee grounds. Breville ultimate espresso machine can complete this process automatically because it has a built-in cradle, thus, providing you with mess-free, hassle-free and hands-free coffee grinding functions. Furthermore, the built-in tamper also comes in handy.
Furthermore, consider the amount of coffee that it can brew. This espresso machine comes with 2 sizes pre-sets for double and single espresso shots. The greatest benefit is that all users can program it to brew the perfect volume because it has not only a programmed pre-set, but this unit also comes with manual options for added convenience.
This Barista coffee maker comes equipped with a 360-degree swivel steam wand for milk frothing and heating. It means that it can produce a variety of drinks – from lattes, macchiato, and cappuccino to anything else. Do you want to fancy yourself with a cup of your favorite tea? No problem! This device also has a hot water dispenser to offer hot water for it almost instantly!
Interested in Breville bes870xl? It is a newer model that has some extra and improved features, such as:
• Redesigned bean hopper;
• Extra power;
• Hot water dispenser and dosing tool in addition to offering auto shut-off and more control over temperature levels;
• It is available in different colors, such as black, red and stainless steel.
It is suitable even for low-volume commercial use;
Creates European-style micro-foam on the top of your espressos;
Offers fast heating and use;
It is cool to touch;
Great warranty against damages and defects;
Easy to clean, cleaning kit included.
Can’t make large coffee pots;
Lacks a pod filter;
Produces a bit loud noise while drawing espressos and grinding beans.

Machine’s ability to draw and brew delicious and full-bodied espresso drinks make Breville coffee maker a great addition to any modern kitchen. Your coffee drinks created with the help of this excellent machine can meet the highest standards. Be sure that you are making a sound investment once you decide to add this appliance to your house. Its sleek industrial style, compact size, and light weight make it one of the most popular choices for consumers shopping for the best espresso maker. Breville unit heats up quickly and is ready to be used for a few minutes, and this is what makes it a modern and convenient addition to any kitchen appliance collection.
You can read our full review here.

DeLonghi Magnifica Review

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine
DeLonghi ESAM3300 is a famous steam-powered espresso maker that comes with its 1150W power output in full operation. Its design is stylish and sleek, and all users appreciate its durability and practicality. Are you looking for something both functional and beautiful to produce favorite coffee drinks? This espresso maker is your best answer, and it offers a departure from standard black and silver coffee machines available in the modern market. Look at its attracting features:
• High consumer ratings;
• Competitive price;
• Being a super-automatic and steam espresso machine;
• 1150W power;
• 15-bar pump pressure;
• Available in both plastic and stainless steel housing;
• Stainless steel dual boiler;
• 60-ounce removable water reservoir;
• Low-pitch and high-quality conical burr grinder;
• Lightweight;
• 1-year warranty;
• Offers direct brewing that grinds your favorite coffee beans instantly;
• Hot water spout and a cup warmer.
What about its espresso-making performance? This super-automatic DeLonghi espresso machine offers the best coffee drink each time. However, final products depend on the following primary factors:
• Good ingredients;
• The right process.
That is why users need to use only top-quality coffee beans if you do not want to compromise flavor. Read all instructions before starting to use this unit, too. You can use it to make all kinds of espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos. Feel free to experiment with available possibilities and check different recipes.
It is so easy to operate this coffee maker because of its programmable control on the front panel. They include convenient adjustments for the right water amount, milk, and coffee in addition to its cappuccino system that can be rotated by 180 degrees to guarantee any milk size. Even complete newbies can quickly adjust their DeLonghi coffee maker to suit a variety of cup sizes, from large mugs to espresso cups.
Its cup tray is designed to keep your cup of espresso warm right before oozing out of a spigot to avoid ruining this delicious drink because of a contact with a cold cup. There are many other great features that it includes, such as an instant reheat that keeps the best temperature for espresso drinks, an integrated burr grinder, a water container and a removable bean tank.
What else can you expect from this DeLonghi espresso maker? It is a perfect combination of simplicity and quality both for experienced home baristas and average coffee lovers. This unit works both with ground coffee and coffee beans, so it is up to you to make this choice. Pressure is crucial when making the perfect espresso, and this machine will never let you down. That is because its professional-grade 15-bar pump provides the right pressure in a coffee brewing process.
Its simplicity cannot get any better, as you should press only one button to get started. You get detailed information about different presets, from hot mug and coffee beans to anything else if you feel creative. If you prefer milk-based coffee drinks, this machine has a unique frothing arm to create and heat some foam on their top. Don’t forget about a 2-year warranty for mechanical breakdowns and other pitfalls.
Machine offers the best combination of performance and price;
Heavenly espresso drinks;
No hassle involved, all you need to do is to fill coffee beans and water;
Fully automatic functions, so don’t worry about measuring, grinding and other tasks;
2 boilers are designed to let this unit be always ready to steam and brew;
15-bar pump pressure ensures the best extraction to make aromatic and full-bodied coffee drinks;
Integrated coffee grinder;
Compact size that fits any limited counter space;
Stainless steel housing;
Auto-flushing cycles before and after all brews ascertain that all of its parts are heated and cleaned.
It is possible to stumble upon some negative reviews about DeLonghi customer services;
It may be hard to find an authorized repair location;
It can be a bit noisy in operation.

If you are sick and tired of spending your hard-earned money in local Starbucks, think about getting this DeLonghi espresso maker, because it will last for a long time and offer delicious coffee drinks.
Click here to learn more about this espresso machine.

Mr. Coffee Café Barista Review

Mr. Coffee Café Barista ECMP1000 Espresso Maker
This Mr. Coffee espresso maker is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Machine brews fresh and delicious espresso drinks in a few minutes. It does everything automatically and conveniently, so all you need to do to enjoy your favorite coffee is push a button. For all latte and cappuccino lovers, it is a perfect entry-level unit, which also allows all users to customize their milk froth and espresso servings manually. Are you an aspiring barista who wants to experiment? This espresso machine is worth your attention! For additional details you might want to check this review.
Larger water tank capacity also makes it perfect for big families, because they can make more cups of coffee or espresso without any extra water refills between brews. Its compact design makes this coffee maker suitable for any kitchen space, too. What about other cool characteristics?
Its 15-bar pressure pump is an obvious benefit. Why? Perfect espresso shots require the right amount of infused pressure to extract the necessary flavor from ground coffee beans. Too much pressure destroys espresso tastes! Just because some espresso makers have higher pressure indicators that don’t necessarily mean that they are better. This Mr. Coffee machine gets better flavor and extraction results!
Its one-touch control panel lets users choose between double and single shots for their favorite cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and other drinks. This process cannot be any simpler! The front panel has specially indicated lights to show the selection you make to avoid any second-guessing.
Based on your personal tastes, you may not be interested in its automatic frother function. If you like to have creamy and light milk foam on the top of your chosen coffee drinks, all you need to do is pick the right level, and this espresso machine will do the rest. It is an excellent function that eliminates the hassle of figuring out frothing.
The best thing about a milk tank in this coffee maker is that it is easy to remove. This feature makes it easy to fill and clean while offering a possibility to store all leftovers in your refrigerator. Unit’s water tank is removable as well, so it is simple to clean and fill.
What’s else included in the package? All buyers get these extra elements to further improve their espresso-making experience at home:
• Coffee measuring scoop to use the right amount of coffee grounds;
• 20 recipes to let you try new and different coffee drinks;
• Double and single shot filters to provide users with an ultimate taste in their espresso-making experience.
The key elements to an excellent espresso are included in Mr. Coffee maker, and users also get convenient cappuccino and latte options. You will be surprised with its competitive price for such outstanding characteristics as a one-touch control panel, 15-bar pressure and others. So, it is impossible to go wrong when you order it! Mr. Coffee Café Barista has the components necessary to make the finest brew and let you save money on your regular coffee shop visits.
Producing very thick and rich cream with its exceptional quality for a unit within this price range;
15-bar pump pressure to make perfect espresso shots each time;
Automatic milk frother makes the process of creating different specialty drinks fool-proof and easy, so even beginners can enjoy their perfect cappuccinos and lattes;
A self-cleaning system that does its job effectively, but porta-filters should be cleaned manually.
Milk frother and pressure pump may break after several years of usage;
Not all parts are dishwasher-safe.

Café Barista is an amazing espresso maker for anyone who has a limited budget but still wants to enjoy favorite specialty drinks, like cappuccinos and lattes. Looking for a unit that makes brewing espresso as simple as possible and without buying expensive super-automatic machines? Order this awesome device and enjoy easy milk frothing and top-notch espresso shots.

Nespresso Inissia Review

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine
Espresso enthusiasts keep arguing that once people get the machine that makes a well-crafted and genuine cup of espresso at home, they will never want to go back to local coffee shops. With this Nespresso coffee machine, you can regularly enjoy aromatic and flavorful espresso drinks right in the comfort of your house. Find out why it can be your asset in a daily life and learn more about its great functions and design.
Basic features:
• 19-bar pump pressure;
• Hinged drip tray;
• 19-bar pump pressure;
• 700 ml water reservoir with an exclusive lid;
• 16 pods included.
All users like the worktop footprint of this espresso maker, because it looks tiny compared to similar machines. If you have a small kitchen, it can be your perfect choice to squeeze into. The best part is that compactness does not impact its water tank size that has a lid that prevents any accidental spillage. Users can also exploit its full height.
In addition to a perforated drip tray that is easy to remove, each package includes an internal bin for all used pods, so you can make a few coffee drinks before emptying it. The cable length of this espresso machine provides enough flexibility.
What is it like to use Nespresso Inissia? A special booklet with instructions helps consumers learn how to use it. However, everything from descaling to making coffee drinks is displayed in different diagrams with symbols as their keys instead of standard text directions. The main problem is that it makes this device more complicated to use. Once you learn the basics, brewing your favorite espresso drinks becomes quite straightforward.
There are just 2 buttons, lungo and espresso, and they also serve to turn this machine on and off. Rotate a front bar backward to insert the next capsule and release the used one. It is also possible to alter the necessary water amount. Its drip tray is hinged, so you can flip it up to make large espresso cups. The Inissia has a convenient energy-saving mode that switches itself off and allows users to save on their energy bills. It has optional milk frother which is very easy to use and quicker to heat. There are specific fill levels to produce cold and hot frothed coffee drinks, and they are easy to operate through a single button.
Design is compact, sleek and lightweight so that you can place it anywhere unobtrusively;
Smooth and effortless maintenance;
Fast brewing, because it can brew and heat up espresso drinks almost instantly;
Durability and impact resistance in addition to its ergonomic handle that only adds to overall usability;
Different flavors to choose from and ability to program your favorite brews to meet personal tastes;
Cable length offers more flexibility to place this espresso maker anywhere you want;
Making a great cream layer on all espresso drinks;
Sample capsules to help buyers get started;
Automatic drip for safe and convenient use;
Possibility to use this machine to brew your regular coffee when needed;
Available in a variety of playful colors.
Can be a bit noisy while brewing;
Its instruction manual comes with different diagrams, so there’s no written text (that is why some users may feel confused);
Capsules are color-coded, but the text on them might be troublesome to read;

This is another perfect opportunity to say goodbye to local coffee shops because this Nespresso coffee machine can meet all your needs. Making exceptional espresso drinks has never been easier, faster and mess-free! Machine’s design, flexibility, light weight, compact size and ease of use and maintenance make it a perfect kitchen appliance.

Final Words

With so many espresso makers available in the market, it is a great challenge to make the right choice. Hopefully, this espresso machine review will let you buy the best one based on your personal tastes and needs. Consider the options mentioned above and look for a coffee maker that is easy to operate, has suitable milk frothing option and creates best-tasting espresso. Our review highlighted both bad and good points of each alternative to help you find the most appropriate one faster. Now, you are equipped with the right knowledge and ready for the best espresso-making experience at home!