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Welcome to Coffee Geek Lab!Yurii Brown About Us

Hi there, fellow coffee geeks!

My name is Yurii Brown and I want to welcome you to Coffee Geek Lab, the place where you can learn how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. 

My goal is to introduce you to the world of brewing in the comfort of your home. I want to spread knowledge about this incredible beverage and teach you what makes a truly good cup of coffee.

Here at Coffee Geek Lab, you will learn more than just the difference between lattes and cappuccinos. You will find out how to brew coffeehouse quality beverages at home and will become your own barista. From coffee beans to professional espresso makers, we will cover all the factors that go into making a perfect cup of joe.

The Story Behind Coffee Geek Lab

CertificateI have always loved coffee. But around 4 years ago, I’ve realized that simply going to my local coffeehouse wasn’t enough anymore. I started brewing at home as a simple hobby, and the whole process really pulled me in. 

Learning about the aspects of coffee making and what can save or ruin a beverage, I’ve realized that I wanted to share my experience. I started Coffee Geek Lab as a blog, hoping that my experience (and mistakes) can help other coffee lovers learn the essence of successful brewing. 

Experimenting at home didn’t seem enough, so I’ve decided to get professional training and barista education. That’s when I obtained my certificate at Barista Hustle. It helped reach a new level and understand what truly makes a good barista.

It’s More Than Just Coffee

Yurii BrownSo many aspects can affect the taste of your beverage, Headshotthat’s why I try to cover them all. I test various coffee machines, grinders, flothers, and other devices myself to deliver comprehensive and honest reviews and help you make the right choice.

Additionally, I experiment with brewing processes and methods to come up with helpful (and working!) tips, so that you could taste the best beverages right there in your own kitchen.

So, let’s begin your journey to the world of delicious coffee!

Have you got any ideas or suggestions? I’ll be happy to hear them! You can reach me here or on Instagram.


Yurii Brown.

Email: yuriibrown@coffeegeeklab.com


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