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Welcome to Coffee Geek Lab!

My name is Lola Peterson. 

And I love coffee.

Love it so much that it’s safe to say I am a real coffee geek.

That’s why I’ve created this website. I want to share my passion with like-minded coffee geeks and educate novice coffee enthusiasts about this wonderful beverage. I want to make coffee accessible and understandable. And I want my readers to enjoy their every cup.


I’ve been working with coffee my whole life.

First as a sales representative, then as an assistant store manager, and finally – as a barista.

That’s when I realized I want to spread the love for coffee.

When I write about coffee, I use everything I’ve learned through the years of working with it. I am a professional barista and have worked in restaurants and coffee shops for 16 years. This gave me a chance to experiment with the roasts, test countless brewing methods, work with various machines, and go through tons of coffee-related accessories. I’ve tried myself as a roaster too (which was really fun, to be honest).


My goal here is to make this website a useful source you can always address when you have questions about coffee. I collect the handiest devices you can use at home and test them myself to give you the best recommendations. I share my experience and coffee making tips so that each cup you drink would be perfect. And I simply want you to enjoy your beverages to the last drop. Cheers!