Breville Bes870XL Barista Express Review

Breville Bes870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Shopping for the Best Breville Espresso Machine for Home Use

Are you ready to master new espresso-making skills at home? Do you often get too many rows in local coffee houses? Does it cost you a lot to quell your daily espresso urges? Don’t fear to make a shift and try this Breville espresso machine, because this decision was made by many consumers who are completely satisfied with its performance. It offers a perfect answer to all of your coffee needs and concerns.

Value That You Get

It’s a new Breville bes870xl barista express espresso machine! Probably, you’ve heard this name talked about because of its popularity, functionality and outstanding quality. This perfect piece of espresso-making kit can set back a pretty penny, although you need to check around to understand how much. It’s designed for both dedicated aspiring baristas and average consumers who want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without going anywhere. Its price is much more than reasonable if you consider the value it provides. This device is a serious unit that commands respect and comes equipped with a number of functions, features and extras designed to help you become a real espresso guru.
You can find it in three stunning colors, including cranberry red, black sesame and stainless steel, so this coffee machine looks ultra-modern and very professional. It won’t be out of place in any kitchen, because it not only looks fantastic, but this unit also occupies a relatively modest counter space. This feature is quite nifty based on a range of extras included in the package. This espresso machine review will tell you how this item transforms any kitchen into a mini coffee shop.

Number of Interesting Features

The following are the main characteristics that make this espresso machine the best deal:
1. Selector dials. They let users select the right grind size and amount, from course to fine and from single shots to full loads. It’s easy to use and read them, and there is a special filter size button to help you switch from a double to single wall filter basket.
2. Integrated conical burr grinder. Feel free to pour favorite coffee beans into a convenient bean hopper and watch it go into a stainless steel burr grinder designed to extract each ounce of fresh aroma and flavor thanks to increased surface of this grind. A hopper locks in for its easy removal, safety, cleaning and storage.
3. 54-mm tamper. It provides users with amazing control and magnetized storage, while being easy to remove for tamping.
4. Easy grinding cradle. Everything happens hands-free, because you only need to push a porta-filter of this Breville barista express espresso maker into a cradle to make fresh grounds go into a filter and stop when the necessary amount is dispersed.
5. Control cup. Choose between 2 or 1 cup volumes and consider a manual override if you change your mind. Take into account its reprogrammable settings for shot measurements.
6. 67-oz water tank. It’s removable, top-fill and comes with a replaceable water filter that cuts down all unwanted mineral deposits and impurities.
7. Extra features. They include special cleaning indicator light, expresso pressure gauge, swivel action steam wand, thermos-coil heating system, removable drip tray, automatic purge function, etc.

Main Focus of Bes870xl

It focuses mainly on one important thing, which is all about freshness through speed. Basically, it’s an entry-level home coffee machine that provides both dedicated baristas and beginners with a simple and fast way to get the best tasting and freshest cup of espresso in their own kitchen. By integrating a quality burr grinder, it allows all users to manage brewing as fast as real pros. This is what ensures that they get the freshest espresso taste without compromising their convenience. Other units in the same class may cause a lot of headache as you grind and brew your favorite coffee beans, but this one offers a convenient way to skip this bothersome hassle while still letting you enjoy the fastest and freshest grind out of them.

Breville Bes870XL Coffee Maker

One of the most common mistakes made by beginning baristas is ordering and using the machine that is too complex for their current skill levels. It’s necessary to adjust such important settings as grind size, input, right roast, grind amount, etc. All that may seem overwhelming, but Bes870xl eliminates this manual labor and provides users with an easy way to make their favorite espresso.

It has two dual-wall pressurized filters that regulate pressure inside automatically, thus, offering maximum extraction for an ultimate flavor. This unit is ideal for all beginners who want to experiment with different recipes without having a lot of headache. Furthermore, Breville bes870xl comes with a special 15-bar pump manufactured in Italy and a durable thermos-coil heating system. They guarantee that users get an ideal temperature and enough power to brew the best espresso shot each time when needed. Its pre-brew function works smoothly, while its flat-head water spigot evenly distributes a coffee puck.

Bes870xl Pros and Cons

What do users like the most about this espresso machine?

Its built-in grinder that works effectively, saves space and adds more value;
Easy-to-program shots, doses and temperature levels;
Heat-exchange boiler that offers simultaneous milk extraction and frothing;
It’s very fast;
It’s super sturdy because of its durable construction and top-quality materials;
Stainless steel casing keeps all elements stylish and clean;
Its no-slip feet prevent walking across kitchen counters even when a burr grinder is on;
It’s easy to clean and it comes with a special storage compartment for different cleaning tools;
It has a hot water dispenser and a steamer;
Pressure gauge allows users to improve their barista skills;
Compact size that fits any kitchen space.

What can be better about this unit?

It requires some learning curve;
Its free tamper is a bit light;
Although this home espresso machine is easy to clean, it may make some mess when it’s in use;
Grind may spray on counters;
Drip tray fills up fast.

Who Should Order Barista Express?

If you’re quite new to espresso and coffee making and you’re looking for the best unit to learn on for money, get this one! It will not only let you enjoy your perfect espresso, but it will also offer a lot of convenience, because you can easily adjust different settings while keep learning and deciding whether you require more control.

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

When shopping for a top-of-the-line device or something that can provide you with full control, you’d better buy something else that fits your preferences.

Ease of Use

This semi-automatic espresso machine is designed after adopting a perspective of average consumers and considering what they really need. That’s why it incorporates customizable volumetric controls, in-built burr grinder and efficient heat exchange boiler system to turn a regular cup of coffee into an excellent espresso.

Its integrated coffee grinder is one of the favorite features of most consumers. It not only streamlines the entire espresso making process, but it also helps users save money, because they don’t have to purchase any peripheral grinder. Another great benefit is its consistency, and it’s something strived to achieve even by professional baristas. Your ability to get only excellent and consistent results in ensured by the possibility to grind the same coffee dose each time, tamping it and then passing the same water amount through it. Besides, if you prefer such coffee tastes as a bit weak or bitter, it’s easy to adjust settings to get your perfect cup of espresso.

Breville Bes870XL Barista Express Parts and Accessories

This in-built grinder lets you replicate the desirable results, and a heat exchange boiler system is one of the greatest benefits of Bes870xl. It allows users to steam milk and extract espresso simultaneously while keeping consistent temperature levels. When using cheaper espresso machines that come with a single boiler, you need to turn a switch to change between extracting and steaming, and it results in dropping boiler temperature after steaming. The heat exchange boiler of Breville barista express uses a special coil system to heat water to a perfect temperature for espresso extraction, thus, solving this problem.

It also comes with effective volumetric controls that are preset to produce either 2 shots or only 1 shot of espresso. Users can manually control the extraction process and create their pre-set extraction times. This is how this unit offers its ease of use and consistency appreciated by so many consumers worldwide.

Coffee-Making Ability

It’s great if a coffee machine incorporates a number of features and looks professional, but it doesn’t ensure a great taste of espresso. The good news is that this unit is different as it can help you create your perfect tasting espresso because of its in-built burr grinder that allows you to enjoy consistent grinding.

Having fresh ground beans is the main key to making good coffee. If you prefer having different milk-based coffee drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes, its steam wand offers enough pressure to provide you with silkily steamed milk. Although it takes several seconds for the necessary steam to come out, this function is fast enough for every-day use at home.

Possible Caveats

Like all coffee machines, the quality of excellent espresso drinks depends on the coffee that you use. So, if you don’t use fresh and quality beans, you won’t get satisfying results even when using incredible Breville barista express espresso machine. If you are quite new to semi-automated devices of this kind, you’ll have to face a certain learning curve. It’s necessary to learn the basics of such functions as espresso extraction and milk frothing. After your initial learning curve you will start making perfect coffee.


Based on a place where you buy this espresso maker, its price may range, and it will cost you up to $599. It price is a bit higher than the one of an average entry-level device, but consider such extras as an in-built grinder and consistency features. They take your espresso-making skills to the next level, and its value is worth the price paid!

Breville Bes870XL Barista Express Close View

Final Words

This Breville espresso machine is ideal for both dedicated baristas and beginners because of its available double and single wall options. It’s super-fast and easy to use, and it’s your perfect choice if you want to become familiar with the art of espresso making at home. This unit is designed for all espresso and coffee lovers, just like you. If you’re ready for experiments and want to play around with different settings, you will have a lot of fun while suiting all coffee needs.

When it comes to features and extras, it’s hard to find any detail missed by manufacturers. Bes870xl comes with everything needed to make your favorite lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. In addition, if you only want to have a cup of nice coffee without any extra fuss, it can still provide you with everything you need. This espresso machine is not the cheapest one in the modern market, but it’s ranked very high by many consumers because of its excellent characteristics and benefits. Moreover, it looks fantastic and offers top-quality coffee drinks to all users.














            • Its built-in grinder that works effectively, saves space and adds more value
            • Easy-to-program shots, doses and temperature levels
            • Heat-exchange boiler that offers simultaneous milk extraction and frothing


            • It requires some learning curve
            • Drip tray fills up fast