Coffee brewing methods

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Yurii Brown

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June 19, 2021

Coffee brewing methods

Every second you meet is probably a coffee addict, as we all need some sort of kick to get through hard days. You would notice, especially in the western parts of the world, that people have different ways to make coffee. You may not like a particular coffee brew but love some other kind. There are various coffee brewing methods and so much to try. If you are a coffee addict [1], we suggest you try different brewing methods to find out which ones suit your taste buds better. With evolving time, there are various coffee methods coming people’s way. 

From the French press to drip coffee, each brewing method provides something unique to a user; some prefer a strong taste while some prefer a mild taste. The time factor is also crucial for people when selecting brewing methods. No one wants to spend several minutes in the morning making coffee. However, if you are dependent on a coffee machine and want to decide, it is essential to research brewing methods. If you are worried about not knowing about all brewing methods, we are here to help you. In this article, we will explain some brewing methods to you to make a choice more effortless.

Types of brewing method 

There are different kinds of brewing methods and coffee-makers available in the market. A coffee maker is a significant investment; hence, you need to think before taking the plunge. In this section, we will explain to you some brewing methods. So, let’s begin: 

1. Espresso method

Espresso is one of the coffee types most people know of and have probably tried once in their lives. All espresso drinkers love it, especially for its intense yet sweet taste. The espresso machine usage has been fluctuating for the past decade. Currently, 9% of people use an espresso machine [2] to make their coffees. However, the craze for espresso has died down as new brewing methods are surfacing. 

There are different types of espresso machines available within the market. If you want no-fuss and minimal effort coffee, you can go for a super-automatic espresso machine. Espresso machines pass highly pressurized water through the coffee ground to prepare a perfect cup with a creamy layer on top. Espresso shot, when done right, creates an extremely rich flavor and creamy foam on top. You can use espresso coffee machines with grinder to save yourself the hassle. 

  • Experience: Professional  
  • Flavor: Strong 
  • Grind Type: Fine 
  • Time:  1 to 5 minutes 

2. French press method

French Press is the latest rage within the market, and everyone is going crazy over its rich taste. We love how the French press allows people to customize their coffee’s taste without putting in tons of effort. It has a glass or stainless-steel body, and its sleek design is good enough to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics. The stainless-steel cover, a mesh grille, and a movable plunger are the main components of the French press maker, and preparing it is not a difficult task. However, you have to be present all the time when making a French press coffee. 

To make a French press, you have to put medium-sized coffee grounds at the base of the French press. The coffee grounds cannot be super chunky or refined as it has a massive impact on how the coffee tastes. You have to pour hot water on the coffee and also control its supply as its flavor depends. You have to move the plunger at a slow pace as it helps in pushing down undissolved coffee and eliminating carbon. The coffee is strong, rich but not sour. 

  • Experience: Beginner 
  • Flavor: Strong, not sour 
  • Grind Type: Medium-size 
  • Time:  5 to 6 minutes 


3. Pour-over coffee

Pour-over coffee is often mistaken as drip coffee, but people are not entirely wrong. The concept is somewhat the same, but both provide different tastes. The pour-over coffee is made using a filter over a dripper on which you pour coffee. You may be thinking that it is the easiest to make, and it is. However, it will take a few tries before finding the correct method and taste the struck with you. 

If you cannot get the taste right or not the same taste each day, you can try automatic pour over coffee makers. These coffee makers do not require much user input and the taste is uniform each day. The filter holds coffee oils and grit that you genuinely do not want in your coffee. Pour-over coffee can be a little too bitter for some people. However, you can try adding a little bit of salt to cut out the bitterness. It is essential to ensure that you pour coffee uniformly over coffee beans to avoid the undissolved taste. 

  • Experience: Beginner 
  • Flavor: Strong, not sour 
  • Grind Type: Medium-size 
  • Time:  3 to 4 minutes 


4. Coffee maker methods

Coffee makers are probably the easiest and most used coffee brewing methods of all time. Coffee makers are specially designed for commercial use, which also makes them easy to understand. There are various types of coffee makers available within the market; Keurig and Mr. Coffee are the famous ones. We love how coffee makers are convenient and do not require any kind of assistance in the making process. If you are a beginner, then we recommend going for a coffee maker. 

Nowadays, you do not need to add coffee ground within the coffee maker. You can use pods that you can place in the holder, press the coffee machine’s lid, and wait silently. The heated tubes pass boiling water through the pod by puncturing holes in it. The water flows through the pod, diluting thoroughly, ideal for a rich and creamy taste. The coffee drips down into the mug once it’s done brewing. Some coffee makers also have a built-in milk frothing tool which is ideal for making lattes and cappuccino. However, you have to spend money buying pods. 

  • Experience: Beginner 
  • Flavor: customizable 
  • Grind Type: pods or fine powder 
  • Time:  1to 3 minutes 


5. AeroPress method

An aeroPress coffee maker is like a drip coffee, but better and more time-efficient. Most people are still oblivious to AeroPress and its impeccable properties in making a coffee taste delightful. If you are always rushing and like the taste of the drip coffee, you can genuinely give AeroPress a go. The AeroPress is an elongated stack of a few things, AeroPress and each has a different use. In drip coffee, you have to wait for a few minutes for the coffee to soak and then drip down. 

The AeroPress stack consists of a glass or a plastic body, a heat-proof plastic chamber, an AeroPress filter, and a filter gap. You have to pour coffee over the filter and strategically pour water within the chamber. Stir water a few times, and then use the plunger to push the water down. The coffee chemicals are stuck on the filter while you get the authentic coffee taste. It is better than drip coffee because it is time-efficient and eliminates air from the coffee, enhancing its taste significantly. It is small and portable, which is why it is most people’s choice. 

  • Experience: Beginner 
  • Flavor: Strong  
  • Grind Type: Medium size 
  • Time:  3 to 4 minutes 


6. Siphon method

Siphon is one of the professional methods that you will rarely find people using at home. However, some coffee enthusiasts love the Siphon method. Siphon coffee makers are a tad bit more expensive than other coffee makers, and we understand why. You cannot use this brewing technique if you are running late. It takes around 10-12 minutes to brew the coffee and even more if you are a beginner. However, coffee tastes rich and strong; it has ample caffeine that most people love. 

To make coffee through the Siphon method, you need to soak the filter in hot water and insert it. Pour hot water in the bulb area, put the hopper and filter in place. Let the water simmer for a few minutes until it boils. The water will seep into a hopper, putting the heat down at this point. Take 20-25 grams of finely mild coffee and pour it into the water. Let the water and coffee mix for about ten minutes. Use a bamboo stick to stir coffee and let it strain back into the bulb. Your coffee is ready, and you can enjoy it with a delicious snack. 

  • Experience: Professional-level 
  • Flavor: Strong, not sour 
  • Grind Type: Fine 
  • Time:  10 to 15 minutes 


7. Cold-brew method

Some people despise hot coffee and find cold brew incredibly delicious. We do not blame people for liking their coffee cold, especially when living in a hot climate. It is one of the easiest to make and tastes lovely to people who like cold coffee. You have full control over the flavor, which is fantastic, and you can use any sweetener you like. 

To make a cold brew, you need cold water and your favorite coffee grounds. You have to combine coffee with water and stir it until it dissolves. We think using fine coffee powder will make the process easy for you. You can use a French press also to dissolve the coffee completely. Leave the cold brew overnight to let the flavor sink in perfectly. You can add maple syrup or honey to make it sweet and also creamer to enhance its flavor. It is a perfect way to make coffee if you are always on the go and need something quick. 

  • Experience: Beginner 
  • Flavor: Customizable 
  • Grind Type: Fine 
  • Time:  3 to 4 minutes

How to tell which brewing method is best for you? 

We know it can be a little overwhelming to learn about so many brewing methods and then picking one. We think time efficiency and taste play a significant role in determining which coffee brewing method will be your favorite. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a coffee brewing method

  • Always notice the time it takes for a particular brewing method to make coffee. If you are a student or a working person, time efficiency is crucial. 
  • Try different types of coffees in restaurants and see which one you like the best. No matter which coffee type you want, try to opt for a BPA free coffee maker
  • Some coffee makers and brewing methods are expensive; hence, try something easy to maintain and durable.


There are numerous coffee methods available within the market, and each caters to different users. It is a hard decision to make which brew type to choose. However, you will be able to make the right decision once you know your taste buds. The coffee maker supporting the brew type must be easy to use, fit in your budget, and time efficient. We tried our best to find easy and popular brew types. We hope you would appreciate it and leave a comment sharing which one is your favorite.

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