Delonghi Magnifica Review

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Fully Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with Manual Cappuccino System

Why Consumers Choose Delonghi Magnifica

Do you agree that there is nothing better than enjoying a fresh and hot cup of your favorite espresso made from the best coffee beans by the highest-quality machine? You may have doubts when considering how much this unit costs, and whether it really matters. Here you can get the full disclosure. A grinder is one of the most important aspects of making excellent coffee drinks. If you have it, you only need good coffee beans and a functional espresso machine.
Do you agree that making coffee at home is both affordable and fun? However, not all espresso makers can provide you with a rich and great flavor that you crave for in local coffee shops. The choice of available coffee machines and their characteristics may confuse any modern buyer. To start with, most consumers focus on their designs, but almost all espresso makers have their excellent designs in addition to stylish and unique finishes. When it comes to prices, there are both expensive and affordable choices. What makes Delonghi Magnifica unique and popular?

Overview of Its Basic Characteristics

This super-automated coffee maker is available within a low price range. It comes with both strong and weak sides that should be considered and evaluated in terms of your personal preferences and needs. Basically, it’s an affordable espresso maker that can turn the whole process of making your favorite coffee beverages into real pleasure because of its convenience and consistency. This DeLonghi espresso machine is a perfect example of a unit that has everything you need, including long warranty, value for your money, important features and so on. Find out more about its prominent characteristics and design before deciding if you want to buy and use it.

Sleek Design

This coffee machine is economical and compact in terms of the space it takes. Besides, it’s a perfect addition to any modern kitchen because of its elegant and finished body packed with a range of meaningful features. Its compact design makes this device a perfect fit to both medium and small sized kitchens while not being a 1-cup espresso maker. That’s because its functional reservoir water tank can hold up to 60 ounces, which means that users can make 7 cups of their favorite coffee at a go. Delonghi ESAM3300 also comes with adjustable coffee spigots that allow it to accommodate different mug sizes when making espresso. It’s powered at 1150 watts, the height is only 14 inches, and weight is less than 30 pounds.

Bean Holder and Removable Water Tank

Its 60-ounce water tank is easy to remove. Nowadays, it’s one of the few super-automated espresso makers that allow users to remove their reservoir and coffee pod without the necessity to lift them. The good news is that the entire process is fully automated because this DeLonghi espresso maker comes with special on/off switches situated at its front part. It’s also worth mentioning that this system is fully rotatable so that you can make your favorite coffee drinks with different mug sizes. Cleaning and maintaining this unit is very easy because of its removable parts and boiler compactness. Those parts that usually seem hard to read to users can be easily cleaned if you get this coffee machine. The greatest benefit is that you don’t need to use any harsh cleaning soap. You can be confident that this ESAM3300 unit will serve you for a long time due to its durability.

Instant Reheat

Its instant reheat feature makes it a perfect coffee maker when preparing cappuccinos and espressos at the same time. This function is also enhanced with a double boiler feature, but many experts advise users to descale a boiler every 3 months to improve the efficiency of this device.

Delonghi Magnifica

Extra Features

Its froth mixer can help you make a creamy and authentic cappuccino, and this result is rare to achieve when using other available espresso makers. On the other hand, it also has a fast, very effective and low-pitch grinder that is easy to set at different grinding levels. If you want it, you can make your favorite coffee drink using the already ground beans. The control panel of this DeLonghi super automatic coffee machine is quite easy to use because it comes with its special push button technology, which allows you to benefit from different programmable menu settings. Furthermore, this unit has a special tray that can hold cups warm as you serve the whole family. To provide more convenience, it comes with such interesting features as a coffee thermostat, electronic steam, water level indicator, removable drip tray, rinse auto programs, etc.

Important FAQ

1. How Does ESAM3300 Work?
First of all, it can make a number of coffee beverages. When using its advanced beans-to-brew system, you can easily make such favorite drinks as espressos, coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and others at a high speed. This espresso maker is also known for its 2 steel boilers that improve its adequate heat distribution. This feature is coupled with a quality burr grinder and a reheat feature that make it possible to enjoy the best coffee each time.
2. Who Shouldn’t Order It?
Although this Delonghi automatic espresso maker has many benefits, people who like using the newest technology may find some shortcomings. For example, it’s not programmable. If there are many users with different personal preferences, they will have to reset this machine each time. It doesn’t have a special timer to turn on at a specific time automatically, so you will need to switch it on each morning and wait for a while to warm it up before brewing your favorite coffee. If you prefer only oily coffee beans, there is a possible risk of jamming a grinder, but many other bean-to-cup and one-touch systems have a similar problem these days.
3. Who Should Buy It?
Those consumers who don’t want to pay any extra for the art of using automated bean-to-cup coffee machines will definitely appreciate the appeal of this DeLonghi espresso device. It’s perfect for all coffee purists who aren’t interested in anything other than end products. The main reason for ordering it is getting a superior-quality cup of coffee that matches and even exceeds anything that can be bought in local coffee shops. This unit is also uncomplicated and intuitive to use while delivering delicious coffee beverages. Besides, its compact size guarantees that everyone will find enough space for it even in a tiny kitchen. Its affordable price makes this espresso maker approachable to all consumers. Its reliability makes it a sound investment that will pay for itself very fast.
4. Can this coffee machine make Americano?
Yes, but users need to adjust their coffee dose to set the right strength based on their personal preferences.
5. Can you use oily coffee beans?
Unfortunately, it’s not advisable to use them, because they are most likely to leave an unwanted residue in its burr grinder that may cause it to jam. Use your common sense and be ready to service this unit when using only oily coffee beans all the time.
6. Is there any warranty?
Yes, Delonghi Magnifica comes with a 2-year warranty that covers all kinds of manufacturing defects, but it doesn’t cover any misuse or accident.
7. Is this coffee machine self-cleaning?
Yes, it can purge itself before making a new cup of coffee, and this function is provided to keep all inner parts working clean and great. However, users still need to clean it on a regular basis by taking a brew unit out and rinsing it.

Reliability and Expected Results

It’s one of the best super-automated coffee machines available in the modern market. If you get this maker, you can expect for the following consistent results:
• Being easy to tune different settings for each shot;
• Being very reliable;
• Ease of regular maintenance;
• Having a comprehensive warranty;
• Easy access to servicing.
Overall, this Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica super automatic espresso machine is reliable, but it must be maintained on a regular basis, just like many other super-automatics. You shouldn’t skip its maintenance, or it will eventually break and your coffee drinks will be insufficient. There are some things that all users should do:
• Cleaning a brew group every week, taking it out and washing it under warm water;
• Using only top-quality coffee beans instead of the oily ones, because the latter ones tend to clog often; this increases the risk of breaking this coffee maker;
• Using demineralized or distilled water to prevent any calcification;
• Descaling this coffee machine, when it tells you to do it to prevent its breaking.

Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 making a coffee drink

Outstanding Features

1) Its novel cappuccino system that gets the right foam amount and uses steam to create a foamy and rich froth in an intelligent manner.
2) Hot water spout to let users make their best hot chocolates and Americano each time.
3) Simple operation and a push-button system that makes it easy to use and program the right settings for any custom extraction.
4) Control panel provides custom brew, and it’s designed to save time when making perfect espressos.
5) Automated shut-off after being inactive for 3 hours to save power and money.
6) Dual thermoblock that enables users to get the right temperature for making espressos and steaming milk while preventing over-extraction and burning.
7) Instant reheat to let this coffee machine reach its optimal temperature fast.
8) Adjustable coffee spout designed for large cups and mugs.
9) Automated adjusting to grind the necessary amount of coffee for a chosen shot.
10) The optimal pressure provided by its 15-bar pump designed to produce the right water pressure amount in addition to smooth and even extraction.

Pros and Cons


It’s a pump-driven coffee maker that offers enough pressure for each extraction;
Its frother does its job mess-free and easily;
Programmable menu settings make it possible to pour a perfect cup of coffee each time;
Integrated grinder provides ground and fresh beans;
It allows users to adjust the right water quantity and amount of coffee to brew, thus, providing them with better customization;
Being a very reliable coffee machine that comes with a double boiler, so that you won’t have to wait between your favorite cappuccino and espresso;
Affordable price makes it one of the best machines;
The whole system is compact and simple to maintain because it has fully removable elements.


This coffee maker requires regular maintenance to keep it in top condition;
The grinder can be a bit noisy, but this problem is common for many super-automated coffee makers;
It’s not suitable for oily coffee beans;
It’s not the best choice for consumers who prefer more manual control.

Final Words

When shopping for a top-quality coffee machine that can keep up with morning shot for both a big family and a small company, Delonghi Magnifica is one of the best deals that you can find in the modern market. That’s because it’s sleek, stylish and smart. It can complete a number of time-consuming tasks for you to provide the best coffee-brewing experience. It has all the components necessary to brew your favorite coffee drinks, such as cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos. Finally, many positive customer feedback and comments serve an extra guarantee of its quality, reliability, and longevity.

DeLonghi ESAM3300

DeLonghi ESAM3300












            • It’s a pump-driven coffee maker that offers enough pressure for each extraction
            • Its frother does its job mess-free and easily
            • Programmable menu settings make it possible to pour a perfect cup of coffee each time
            • Integrated grinder provides ground and fresh beans
            • It allows users to adjust the right water quantity and amount of coffee to brew, thus, providing them with better customization


            • The grinder can be a bit noisy, but this problem is common for many super-automated coffee makers
            • It’s not the best choice for consumers who prefer a more manual control.