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June 19, 2021

French press vs drip

Coffee is a universal term, but it holds various meanings for different people. Most people in the world do not compromise on their coffee taste. Some people like a latte, some espresso, some solid black, some drip, and some French press coffee. Initially, people explore various kinds of coffees and settle for the best suits their taste buds. 41% of people use a drip coffee maker [1] to make their coffee, showing people are more open to trying strong and bitter coffee. People are also inclined towards using the French press and choosing one type of coffee maker is confusing. We will compare French press vs drip machine in this article to have a better idea about which one suits your taste buds. 

Drip coffee makers and French press machines have always been a matter of debate between coffee lovers. Achieving the right coffee taste and temperature is an art that is unknown to many. Note that manual factors such as the type of coffee beans you use, temperature, and the intensity at which you press the plunger, all of these things influence the taste. Let’s have a look at both the machines in-depth and see which one is suitable for you.

French press coffee maker 

The French press coffee maker was initially launched in the early 1900s when people were exploring coffees. The concept of coffee shops was becoming more widespread, and people appreciated the French press. Many people to this day are the most prominent advocates of French press coffee, and even Starbuck SEO is one of them. Starbuck CEO commented in 2012 that the best coffee is one that people make at home using a simple French press. We partly agree that the coffee is well-brewed and has a bitter taste that a true coffee-lover gushes over. 

If we talk about the structure of the French Press maker, it is minimalistic with mostly manual functions. The French Press coffee maker’s body is constructed using premium-grade glass or stainless steel. The body material does not make any difference to the taste, and you can pick one that looks fancy or matches your aesthetics. You will find a stainless-steel mesh cylindrical piece, a metal cover, with a removable plunger. One thing that works in advantage of a user is that it is very easy to maintain [2] and portable.

How does the French press work? 

The French press is easy to use, but it does require quite a lot of manual assistance. You are responsible for controlling your coffee’s taste. You put well-grounded coffee beans at the bottom of your coffee and pour hot water slowly. After a while, you have to press the movable plunger and press the coffee down. This helps in saturating the coffee and press and solid coffee beans down. The extra coffee beans do not make it in the cup, which gives it a smooth texture and a rich taste. Most people love the French press maker as it provides them control and allows them to customize coffee.

French press taste 

The French press coffee has the most authentic and rich taste that only a true coffee lover would understand. The plunger is a source to eliminate carbon dioxide from the coffee, which makes it less sour and richer. There are a few factors through which you can control the French Press coffee taste and make it according to your liking. You must remember that drinking French press coffee in excessive amounts can make you feel tired as it has more caffeine content. Hence, try to restrict the consumption to one and a maximum of two cups a day.

Factors affecting French press taste 

Factors affecting French press coffee’s taste are a few because it is more of a manual coffee maker. Hence, you must work around it a little bit to understand what you can do to make it taste better. Here are a few tips: 
  • It is essential to weigh your ground coffee and water as it makes a massive difference in taste. Note that different coffees have diverse strengths, so try to alter the amount accordingly. 
  • The coffee grounds should not be overly gritty or refined but the correct size. The French press coffee is too bitter if the coffee grounds are fine and too weak if they are excessively gritty. 
  • Press the plunger subtly without rushing because you want the taste to enhance fully. 
  • Brew coffee for at least 4 minutes for a light yet rich taste.

Advantages of a French press coffee maker 

There are plenty of advantages to owning a French press maker as it is now becoming the new hot thing for coffee lovers. Here are some benefits: 

  • The French press coffee has a rich taste, but it is not sour at all. You can press the plunger slowly to saturate coffee beans with water perfectly. 
  • French press coffee makers are people’s favorite as they retain natural oils for coffee, enhancing its taste. 
  • The coffee maker is easy to use, and it is portable; hence, an ideal choice when going for camping or hiking trips.

Disadvantages of French press maker 

Some people love French press coffee makers and their tastes. However, it has some drawbacks that can make people think twice before buying it: here are some disadvantages: 

  • French Press is more like a manual coffee maker, which requires you to measure the grounds, add the right amount of water, and press the plunger calculatedly. 
  • People must be attentive when using a French press and not do other chores while their coffee brews. 
  • You need an extra water boiler for French Press which is an annoying task first thing in the morning.

Drip Coffee 

Drip coffee is not new to the market; it has been around for a while. However, it is only recently that people have started to acknowledge it and how it makes a banging cup of coffee. There are many methods to make a drip coffee, but now people use an automated coffee maker. The drip coffee maker has many electric vessels through which the water pours down, and you get a rich cup of coffee. People nowadays usually opt for French press or drip coffee maker due to their great functionality and taste. You can find the best SCAA certified coffee makers in the market who are famous kinds of drip coffee makers.

How does a drip coffee maker work? 

Sometimes, it may feel a little complicated to use coffee makers that have many options. People look for something simple yet functional to take the burden of making coffee each day off of their shoulders. People ask how does a drip coffee maker work. It is not a simple task, but it is not too complicated; if you wish to have a great cup of coffee each day, you will enjoy it.  

The drip coffee maker consists of a heating system, a dispensing tube, a filter or a semi-permeable layer, and a coffee pot. You add water or check the water tube for even flow. The water heats up to the boiling point and blows off some steam. The steam then reaches the drip area where the coffee grounds are sitting. The water dispenses through the coffee and mixes with it to enrich the flavor. The coffee finally falls into the coffee pot, which is below the filter. The process may seem slow to some people, but for some, it is worth the wait. 

Drip coffee taste 

The drip coffee taste may seem a little over the top and bitter to some people. However, if you are used to drinking espresso, you would not feel its taste overpowering your taste buds. Most restaurants and coffee shops serve drip coffees with various intensities and strengths. It takes 16 grams of coffee which is comparatively less, to make a mug of coffee. It is best to use the coffee amount your manufacturers suggest, as using excess amounts can cause an imbalanced flavor.  

The water may drip through some areas and not through others, causing the taste to vary each time. However, the best thing about the drip coffee makers is that it does not require too much manual assistance. Hence, you can expect your coffee to taste similar each day if you use the same amount of coffee or do not switch your brand.

How to make drip coffee taste better? 

If you look to enhance your drip coffee taste, you can look into various kinds, such as a thermal carafe coffee maker or a single-serve capsule one. However, we have a few tips to make your coffee taste better using your existing device. Here you go: 

  • Use fresh coffee beans and ground them yourself to enhance their saturation ability. 
  •  You must clean your coffee-maker regularly as a dirty coffee maker can make your coffee taste bitter. 
  • Always change the filter after every use for a better experience.

Advantages of drip coffee maker 

Drip coffee makers can be life-changing for many people and never go back to their old ways. Here is why: 
  • Drip coffee makers are automated, and they do not require much manual assistance. 
  • These coffee makers are easy to clean and maintain; not much effort is required. 
  • It has a light strength compared to other coffees but retains more natural oils and provides an adequate caffeine boost.

Disadvantages of drip coffee 

Many people love drip coffee, but they wish for some changes. Here are some disadvantages: 

  • There is no way a user can experiment with a drip coffee’s taste. 
  • A person has to clean the drip coffee maker after every use to maintain its taste which is a lot of hard work. 
  • The aluminum rods take very long to heat up; hence, sometimes coffee is not hot enough.

Final verdict 

Every individual has specific coffee preferences and certain things they like or do not like. As per our deep research, we think both coffee makers make different coffees that may or may not float someone’s boat. However, if you are looking for more control over your coffee’s taste, we think the French press is an apt choice. If you need an excellent coffee with minimal effort, then a drip coffee maker is right up your alley. We cannot state a winner between French press vs drip machine; you can pick one according to your preference.

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