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Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker with Automatic milk frother, BVMC-ECMP1000

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Features and Functions

There is a good reason why people often pay for such coffee-styled drinks as cappuccinos, lattes and others at local coffee shops. These fancy drinks combine steamed milk with quality espresso, and they are more labor-intensive than standard cups of drip coffee. Do you want to learn to tackle this tricky process and enjoy tasty results at home? Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista will help you succeed! Isn’t it better to pay its price tag only once instead of keeping spending much more in coffee shops? Shop for this affordable espresso machine to save your hard-earned money. Do you want to spoil yourself with a range of coffee specialties, such as caramel cappuccinos, iced lattes and others? Look no further, and this Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista review will explain you why. Find out more about its basic features, pros and cons, operation and customer ratings to decide if it’s worth investing in this espresso maker for your house.

This fantastic espresso maker is offered at quite an affordable price, and it makes outstanding espresso drinks without too much hassle. It excels in terms of streamlining multiple steps to save your time while offering delicious lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. After tamping and dosing, the only thing that should be done is pushing a button to let this unit do the rest for you, including frothing milk and steaming. If you’re one of those coffee lovers who prefer frothy cappuccinos or straight espressos, take a serious look at this Mr. Coffee ECMP1000.

Modern Design

Like many other espresso makers in the same price range, its inner elements are protected in a special black plastic housing. To give this semi-automated machine a certain touch of luxury, its front panels are updated with a stainless steel appeal while not being real steel.
Its buttons are easy to use, so you don’t need to have any Master’s degree to operate it. With a few simple pushes, it’s possible to pick either a double or single shot of espressos, either lattes or cappuccinos. If you hold this button for a few seconds, you can benefit from the following extra options:
• Adding more frothed milk;
• Customizing your favorite espressos;
• Cleaning this espresso maker.
Before starting to enjoy different espresso drinks, prime this unit. This process may sound a bit complex to some consumers, but it’s described quite clearly. All you need to do is fill up its water and milk tanks with enough water to run a few different cycles.
The good news is that each Mr. Coffee Barista package includes such extra accessories as a milk reservoir, portable filter, water tank with a special lid, filters for single and double shots, measuring tamper and book with tasty espresso recipes.

Key Attributes

Its control panel has 9 different functions, and it comes divided into 2 basic parts:
• Its left side of buttons is an automated choice of either double or single espresso shots;
• The right side is designed for such manual features as cleaning or extra frothing.
Each part is surrounded by the green LED lighting that flashes or illuminates based on a specific cycle or step. Furthermore, there are extra small icons with LED lights that illuminate for every button pressed to guide users to their preferable espresso choices. Both milk and water reservoirs have their clearly visible lines for a maximum fill level.

Basic Characteristics

1) 15-bar pump pressure. This feature guarantees the best extraction for your espresso drinks with a layer of a thick crema, great flavor, etc.
2) Volume control. Push a button to select either a double or single shot espresso. Users can also personalize their volume control by overriding basic programmed settings. This is how you can change the espresso-to-water ratio of this coffee machine.
3) Automatic milk frother. This is what sets this unit apart from others available in the modern market. Selecting the necessary froth level allows you to turn any ordinary milk into creamy and frothy foam without any effort. You don’t need to mess around with different tasks, such as inserting a frothing wand into the milk. Besides, forget about wasted milk, because you can easily remove a milk reservoir and store it in your fridge.
4)Removable water reservoir. It’s located on the back of this Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista espresso maker. You can easily remove it to fill with enough water from a sink or just top-fill without removing it completely.
5) Dishwasher-safe parts. Users can wash almost all machine elements in their dishwashers, which is quite convenient, because this feature helps them save time.
6) Adjustable cup clearance. There are no additional steps to pull this coffee maker in and out. Once you make your favorite espresso or latte drink, pull out a cup tray to get the necessary cup height adjustment.

Process of Espresso Making

To make your favorite espresso drink, pour coffee grounds into a portable filter and tamp it with a measuring tamper. Next, turn this filter toward a closed lock icon to snap it in. The froth control knob of this Mr. Coffee espresso maker produces the right froth amount according to how much you turn a knob or from cappuccino to latte. If you want to add more froth, push and hold its cappuccino button for a few seconds. The only thing that is left to be done is choosing a favorite espresso drink and pushing only once if you want a single shot, or 2 times if you like double shots.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker ECMP1000

Different Espresso Types and Filters

If you already have a grinder, use coffee beans and grind them. It’s not advisable to use ground coffee from the shelf because it’s likely to be stale. Use different coffee types, but pay attention to a special espresso marking. That’s because espressos are blends of different coffee types that handle higher water pressure that shoots through them. To get the best flavor, use special espresso types. When it comes to filters, there are 2 of them included in the package, so you don’t need to buy anything.

Brewing Performance

One of the main specifications of this Mr. Coffee espresso maker is its 15-bar pump. The best pressure for espresso is about 8-10 bars, so this machine can handle the whole process quite well as many consumers like the taste of their coffee drinks. Any chosen espresso drink will be prepared in a minute, so you can get a hot cup of your favorite coffee at any time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This process is very simple because all of its parts (except for water reservoir and portable filler) are dishwasher safe. You need to clean a water tank and filter with soap and warm water. It’s clear that this unit is made to make maintenance and regular cleaning easy.

Pros and Cons of Using This Machine


Design. This unit is made to add a touch of luxury to any modern kitchen because of its shiny plastic;
Ease of use. Consider its LED light guided controls, automated milk frother and detailed instructions, because they make Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista perfect even for newcomers;
Easy cleaning. There is no weekly breakdown necessary to clean this machine, as all of its parts are easy to remove and maintain;
Versatility. It can brew any espresso drink of any flavor and size, milk type and froth that you prefer;
Very competitive price, especially after considering all the benefits that this coffee maker offers;
Automation between steaming and brewing makes its use seamless if you want to froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos;
Good-sized milk and water tanks enable users to make their multiple coffee drinks in fast sessions with no refill;
Versatility of its volume control that offers a great opportunity to adjust preferable coffee and froth strengths;
Adjustable height under a brew head enables you to use a tall mug for milk-based espresso drinks and a small cup of your standard coffee;
Handy Mr. Coffee Latte Maker manual contains all the detailed steps on how to froth milk and make a perfect espresso.


Probably, it’s not the best espresso maker for true purists and enthusiasts;
It’s necessary to push milk reservoir firmly into its slot before starting to brew, or it may leak occasionally;
It’s a bit loud, which can be a problem for those who wake up early in the morning and don’t want to wake up others;
Lacking the necessary specifications on some machine parts, such as milk and water tank sizes, power input, and diameter of its portafilter basket.

Consumer Ratings

Mr. Coffee espresso maker reviews rate this device very high because most consumers appreciate its versatility and a possibility of brewing their favorite espresso drinks in their personalized manner after simply adjusting milk froth levels as they want. Besides, users appreciate the clarity of given instructions and ease of use, and only a few of them complain that this machine leaks when it’s in use. Read their feedback and comments online, as they can help you learn something new or interesting about its use. For example, they can tell you that you will get creamier brews when using milk with low-fat level.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista ECMP100 with all spare parts laying on the table

Common Problems

Most users are satisfied with the way how Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista works, while a few of them may face specific problems when using it. The great news is that they are easy to solve if you’re equipped with the right knowledge and understanding.
1) Leaking water tank. This problem may occur if you don’t snap this reservoir in place completely, but it’s rare and can be associated with a specific manufacturing flaw in a gasket. It can be solved with a simple duct tape, according to customers’ reviews.
2) Leaking milk tank. This issue is associated with not pushing this reservoir in place completely, but it can be caused by certain manufacturing flaws.
3) Being loud to use. This espresso machine may produce a bit loud whooshing or gurgling noise while steaming milk, but many users agree that this sound is not louder than other espresso machines.
4) Losing its pressure after about 1 year in use. Even if some consumers have faced this problem, they claim that this device paid for itself, so they buy the second one.
5) Being a bit hard to clean. This problem is associated with the fact that this espresso maker has many moving parts and those elements that come into contact with edibles. That’s why a cleaning process is a bit detailed, but most consumers don’t find it difficult as long as they clean everything right after making their coffee drinks.

Final Verdict

Mr. Coffee Cafe espresso is all about its outstanding features, including ease of use, versatility, great design and others. So, it definitely has something good to please any espresso lover. This coffee maker works perfectly in those busy families where users don’t have enough time to experiment with a perfect brew because they simply want a unit that can do the necessary guesswork for them. As long as you carry out all the preliminaries and read basic instructions, such as priming this device before using it for the first time, there is no reason that will prevent you from enjoying delicious espresso drinks that it can produce very fast.

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