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Yurii Brown

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June 19, 2021

Nespresso vs espresso

People all across the world consume either tea or coffee to get themselves going. 166.63 million coffee bags [1] are used all across the world every year. The number shows that many people cannot live with caffeine boosts in the morning. People are constantly searching for ways to make their coffee more tasteful and practical. With evolving times, more types of coffee are surfacing that people are eager to try out. People often opt for espresso when out on a coffee date. Have you ever heard of Nespresso? People often compare Nespresso vs espresso but fail to find significant differences. 

Often, advertisements can be misleading and can push you to invest in a non-functional item. Nespresso has confused people; hence, most people want what it is. You may think that both coffees only have a difference of one letter. You are mistaken; the taste and consistency also differ a lot. Both Nespresso machines and espresso machines are available within the market. You can analyze both Nespresso machines and espresso machines to find the visual difference. However, if you read the mechanism of both, you will know why they are not the same. If you are as clueless as we once were about the machine, you can keep reading.


Before we dive into the whole mechanism of the Nespresso machine and analyze the taste, you need to know what it is. A Nespresso machine is manufactured by the brand Nestle in Switzerland. It is pretty famous in Europe but is starting to get popular in other parts of the world. The name Nespresso is a result of combining Nestle and Espresso. It is a capsule brewing machine where you put pods in one compartment. Many people find the Nespresso coffee creamier and richer but not as strong as black coffee.

How does the Nespresso machine work? 

The Nespresso machines work in a capsule system where you put pods in one compartment and close the machine. When the machine starts working, the pods are punctured, and steady water pressure is passed. The water dissolves with the coffee to form a rich caffeinated concoction. If you stay away from caffeine, you can choose another flavor or non-caffeinated pods. The water passes through the pods, and the coffee drips down in the mug. It takes a few seconds to complete the whole process. You can also control the amount of water that affects the coffee’s strength.

Types of Nespresso machines 

There are different kinds of Nespresso machines that most people do not know of due to lack of knowledge. However, you may find some hidden gems that can alleviate the taste of your coffee. Let’ have a look at some of the types: 

1.Single-serve coffee machine 

The single-serve Nespresso coffee machine is convenient to use for making one cup of coffee. You need to add a pod to the coffee machine and wait for the water to heat up for a few seconds before enjoying your coffee. If you are a single person, this is a fuss-free machine to have. 

2. Latte and milk machine 

The latte and milk machine is different from the original Nespresso machine as it has an auto-frothing system. Coffee is much creamier and more perfect for making tasty lattes. You can make cappuccino, macchiato, and different kinds of lattes using the machine. It has an intuitive digital display that is heated up within three seconds. We think it is a good investment for people who love restaurant-style coffee and like some of the other kinds of variations. 

3. Vertuo coffee machine 

Vertuo is an official coffee line with 26 different kinds of coffee blends. Each coffee has a bar code, and when it goes into the vertuo coffee machine, you end up with a customized coffee cup each time. It has innovative technology that controls the coffee taste and water supply. The coffee machine is ideal for tailoring the extraction level. It is an excellent coffee machine and an absolute treat for caffeine addicts. 

Each coffee machine caters to people with diverse likings. Before you randomly pick a Nespresso machine, do read about its function. You must be intuitive about what you buy, so none of your money goes to waste.

Nespresso taste 

Nespresso coffee has a slightly creamy texture as compared to plain coffee. It has a rich flavor that hits people ideally and provides them with a caffeine kick. It is not as intense as the black coffee but genuinely tasteful. It has a slight acidic taste that enhances its flavor. If you are a fan of dark black coffee, then you may not like its taste. 

Advantages of Nespresso 

  • The Nespresso machine price falls between $150 to $200, which is comparatively less expensive than other coffee machines. 
  • The Nespresso machine is super easy to use, you have to insert the pod, and the rest is taken care of. You have some customizable options as well, but mostly the machine is automatic. 
  • It takes the machine less than 30 seconds to prepare a high-quality cup of coffee, and that is too steaming hot. 

Disadvantages of Nespresso 

  • The flavor of Nespresso coffee is not as intense as black coffee or the taste you can achieve with a traditional espresso machine. 
  • There are barely any options to customize your coffee which can be a huge drawback for some people. 
  • You have to keep buying pods which cost 60 cents; it is an ongoing investment.


Espresso is not a coffee type, but it is a kind of a brew. Most people, when searching for coffee, sometimes come across espresso coffee. The unique blend of coffee that enhances the espresso is mainly named after it. If you are still under the misconception that coffee grounds are espresso, now you know. Espresso is the most famous kind of coffee as it is customizable and provides an intense flavor that genuine caffeine lovers can handle.

How does the espresso machine work? 

Espresso machines are of different kinds, and each type produces a unique flavor. The traditional espresso machine has a portafilter and a pressure piston attached to a heavy-duty machine. To use an espresso machine, your grounds should be smaller and according to what the machine requires. The tamping further grounds the beans into a finely milled powder. A high-pressure hot water shot passes through the coffee machine forming a rich taste. You can make strong, mild, or light coffee using an espresso machine, as it has customizable options. You can control the amount of water you use and coffee beans, which impacts your coffee’s strength. 

Types of espresso machines 

1.Semi-automatic espresso machine 

Semi-automatic espresso machines are perfect for people who want an easy brewing method and some customizable features. The machine creates pressure and lets the water flow through the coffee beans, but you have to stop the machine. A few tries to identify the mechanism, but the in-built milk steamer also makes people buy it. 

2.Espresso machine with grinder

If you like the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee, investing in the best espresso machine with a grinder is a safe choice. You can add fresh coffee beans to the grinder, and they keep passing on to the portafilter as water passes through it. The micro-foam coffee texture is one of the things that people like about the machine. 

3.Super-automatic coffee machine 

The super-automatic coffee machine allows you to set a timer and has an automatic shut-off mechanism. It makes rich and smooth coffee that most coffee lovers vibe with! It will enable minor customization, and they come with an electric grinder. These coffee machines are easy to clean and make the perfect coffee but are super expensive. 

Advantages of Espresso machine 

Here are some espresso machine advantages: 

  • Espresso machine makes rich and intense coffee that most caffeine addicts like.  
  • You have various customizable options to control water supply, coffee strength, and creaminess. It is ideal for people who like their coffee a certain way. 
  • You do not have to spend an extra amount of money on buying pods or different coffees. It is also easy to clean and maintain, which is not usual for fancy coffee machines. 

Disadvantages of coffee machine 

Here are some disadvantages of espresso coffee machine: 

  • You have to constantly supervise the process if you do not have an automatic espresso machine. 
  • Espresso is more challenging to make as you have to customize everything, which is also unsuitable for busy people. 
  • Espresso machines, especially automatic ones, are costly and only an excellent investment for people accustomed to their taste.


Nespresso vs espresso is a hot topic between coffee lovers, and often people are unable to tell the difference. We cannot pick a winner between the two because each has its fair share of benefits and flaws. If you like your coffee to be creamy and medium strength, then a Nespresso machine will serve you well. If you like your coffee black and want customizable options, espresso machines are for you. You can pick one which best suits your taste and fits your budget.

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