Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, Thermal Carafe with Ninja Hot and Cold 18 oz. Insulated Tumbler and Recipe Book

Just think of it: you wake up and feel a desperate desire to have a hot cup of coffee. You feel tired and keep dreaming about your favorite coffee drink. Are these situations familiar to you? The good news is that we have a perfect solution for you and we’ll help you become a ninja coffee maker fast! Do you want to find out how? Keep reading this review, stop spending your money and time in coffee shops and start enjoying your favorite coffee drinks at home.

Ninja team considered that this new coffee bar brewer can change the process of home coffee brewing and increase its convenience. This appliance is created to offer a rich flavor to any user who wants to make a favorite coffee drink at home. Now, you can turn your favorite ground coffee into anything you want because this incredible machine has many functions and characteristics. Furthermore, this Ninja coffee bar is promoted by a celebrity Sofia Vergara who shares the same passion for a perfect cup of coffee as many other consumers.

If you aren’t familiar with a range of items offered by this brand, the first thing to learn is that Ninja is one of a few house-care brands designed for consumers, just like you. It’s a pioneer when it comes to effective appliances that can fit a busy schedule and daily needs of all home coffee maker lovers. This product can impact your everyday life in many positive ways, so give it a try! After testing and reviewing a new Ninja coffee machine, we want to determine whether this kitchen appliance can replace everyday trips to local coffee shops to get a perfect cup. This is what we’ve discovered after inspecting and experiencing daily coffee doses.

Basic Features

1) The permanent reusable filter is optional, and it preserves small coffee particles and natural coffee oils to offer a robust and exquisite flavor to any user.
2) Drip stop. This feature stops a coffee flow from a brew basket, thus, allowing consumers to pour their next cup mid-brew.
3) Precise temperature warming plate and glass carafe. It automatically adjusts a temperature to let users keep their coffee at its perfect drinking temperature.
4) Multi-serve cup platform. It easily pulls down, so that you can brew everything right into your favorite mug.
5) Easy-fill brew basket. It slides out easily and quickly fill with the chosen coffee grounds. You can also remove it for effortless cleaning.
6) Easy-to-remove water reservoir with auto-metering. There’s no need to refill or measure anything constantly.
7) Programmed delay brew is easy to preset up to a day in advance.
8) Multi-serving capability. It is possible to choose from such options as a travel mug, cup and full or half carafe, while automated IQ measures the right amount of water for every size.
9) Different brew types, including rich, classic, over-the-ice and specialty.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

Overall Pros and Cons

This machine is designed specifically for typical coffee lovers who like drinking auto-drip coffee and go to Starbucks regularly to taste a variety of their favorite espresso-based drinks. It can address the same demand to super-automated espresso machines, but its price is much lower. For many coffee drinkers, this brewer does the trick, and it will not have a big footprint on a kitchen counter.


A range of brewing sizes, from carafe and half-carafe to cup and travel mug;
A good choice of brewing options, from rich and classic to specialty and over ice;
Low maintenance and affordable cost;
Its relatively small size;
No filters and no disposable pods needed;
The package contains all the necessary accessories, including a reusable mesh filter, coffee scoop, cold and hot tumbler, milk frother, carafe and a special cookbook with 40 recipes;
It offers something suitable for every coffee lover;
Programmable timer for delay brewing;
Its glass carafe can hold 43 ounces;
Thermal Flavor Extraction;
Auto IQ takes the water (from a reservoir) necessary for the chosen coffee brewing option.


Its brewing temperature may not be hot enough for some users;
It may be messy with a cup brew setting;
Can’t make true espresso.

Design of This New Appliance

To successfully compete with coffee shops and other existing home brewing systems, Ninja requires something that can help it stand out. That’s why this brand designed its patented-pending thermal flavor extraction technology created to provide users with richer-tasting and better coffee with different richness levels. The best part is that they are never bitter. This innovative Ninja coffee bar brewer offers automatic iQ, which is all about the so-called One Touch Intelligence technology that draws the water amount necessary for a reservoir. This choice is made based on the required brew size and brew type.

Based on testing purposes, we review the one with a 43 oz glass carafe that features a special brew-through lid designed to circulate coffee throughout the whole brew cycle for guaranteed consistency. When ordering this package, consumers also receive a reusable filter created to preserve small coffee particles and natural coffee oils to let them benefit from a robust flavor similar to the one experienced when using French presses. The use of a permanent filter provides a more robust flavor compared to the paper one, but users may end up with natural sediment. Want to get a cleaner cup? Use paper filters in your brew basket. Want to make all kinds of specialty drinks? This unit also has a special Easy Frother that includes Press Froth Technology. Its glass is microwave-safe, so it allows consumers to pump, heat and transform standard milk into ideal microfoam and create coffee-house specialty drinks at home.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Parts and Accessories

A nice extra included in the package is Ninja cold and hot 18 oz. Its insulated tumbler has a double-walled Tritan design, and its crystal clarity is created to keep your iced coffee cold and hot drinks hot for a long time. Besides, there is a helpful recipe book that contains about 100 recipes of hot, specialty, iced and brewed coffee drinks.

Highest Brewing Quality

One of the best parts about this new Ninja coffee bar is its ability to adjust to an individual lifestyle. During the week, users can enjoy a regular cup of coffee. At weekend, they can treat themselves to a vanilla latte or anything else. If you have Ninja at home, you can easily accommodate different coffee choices, because it features a variety of brew styles, including over-ice, classic, rich and specialty.

1) Classic brew reminds of regular units, so your coffee is always rich, smooth and well-favored, regardless of the chosen ground coffee.
2) Rich option features a bit more intense flavor richness, so if you have top-quality beans, it’s your best choice, because it can extract more flavor from them.
3) Over-ice option increases concentration levels 2 times the flavor richness offered by the classic one, accounting for the ice. As it keeps melting, it neither dilutes coffee nor melts away a flavor during this process.
4) Specialty brew setting offers a highly-rich concentrate, and it’s 3 times the flavor richness provided by a classic brew. The greatest benefit is that it yields less volume. People who adore macchiato and latte will definitely appreciate this option.
Testing the above-mentioned brew styles yields a variety of flavor profiles. At the very beginning, you may think that they may be a gimmick, but they allow you to experience flavor richness options based on every setting. Regardless of your favorite setting, Ninja offers a great flavor and does its great job when providing a full flavor from coffee grounds.

Quality of Specialty Drinks

Shopping for a regular-drip coffee machine with no frills, you should look elsewhere, because this Ninja coffer bar is suited for coffee lovers who want to benefit from each ounce of flavor produced by coffee beans. This appliance also allows them to be a true barista at home and get a realistic coffee-shop experience. An interesting selling point is that consumers can avoid paying more for lattes, because this item allows them to make these drinks at home.

Furthermore, we also tested a Ninja recipe book and whipped up drinks with its help. Many specialty drinks use a specialty brewing feature to get the necessary concentration from coffee grounds. It yields less coffee volume, but it offers a very strong brew. For standard testing purposes, we made a fat-free vanilla latte, and this recipe required buying skim milk, vanilla, syrup and coffee grounds, but it enabled us to get a cup of specialty brew and 5 oz of coffee. Milk should be heated up for 1 minute in a frother while brewing. Once it becomes warm, froth it before pouring into your coffee. Take a spoon to get the foam out and enjoy your favorite cup of latte that tastes perfectly. We’re sure that this specialty drink is very close to the fat-free vanilla latte that you can buy at Starbucks. We also experimented with many other specialty drinks, and most of them are very tasty and simple to make. It’s fun to experiment with different drink types, so feel free to find your own coffee version. Let your inner barista come out and become a master while having a lot of fun.

The Value You Get

The price of a new Ninja coffee bar is less than $180, so this kitchen appliance offers its incredible value to all consumers. In the modern market, you can find a number of coffee machines that are priced higher while offering less than this item in terms of coffee flavors and their versatility. This coffee bar brewer keeps things fun in any kitchen while challenging users to make their perfect drinks. For example, if you prefer specialty drinks, you’re more likely to spend more money on such ingredients as milk, different flavors, toppings, etc. These additional expenses may add up considerably if you make your specialty drinks on a regular basis.

The use of this item is still much cheaper than buying your favorite latte from a local coffee shop each morning. You can purchase regular ground coffee there, but we strongly advise ordering this versatile home grinder and whole bean coffee to get extra benefits. This option will provide you with the most flavored and freshest morning cup of coffee. In general, an advanced Ninja coffee bar is a perfect addition to your kitchen if you’re a coffee lover who wants to rule the game.

Final Words

This Ninja Coffee Bar feels just like having a real coffee shop right at home. It’s possible to use this machine for different purposes, such as brewing a single serving, a pot of classic coffee and even any espresso-based drink. The best part is that it has the same size as a standard coffee machine, and it has quite impressive functions even for top-quality auto-drip coffee makers.
Overall, most users are quite happy with their new Ninja Coffee Bar brewer, because using it is not only about making their favorite cup of coffee, but they also like experimenting with this incredible machine. When adding some extra ingredients, such as different spices and syrups, feel free to recreate the best drinks from coffee shops at home, while using the same device that you use to brew a standard coffee pot. It also enables you to make your single servings with ease and without spending money on expensive K-cups.

Don’t worry about shopping for cheaper brands that can compare with this coffee brewer. Although it can’t give you a true barista-style espresso, it works very well for other coffee drinks. This machine comes with a range of packages, so you can choose the one you like the most, and it doesn’t require electricity to do its perfect job. Ninja Coffee Bar offers top-notch quality and everything needed for any coffee lover at a very attractive price, so you can’t find a better deal! We highly recommend this versatile device that features multiple brewing modes!

Coffee Ninja Bar

Coffee Ninja Bar












            • A range of brewing sizes, from carafe and half-carafe to cup and travel mug
            • A good choice of brewing options, from rich and classic to specialty and over ice
            • Low maintenance and affordable cost
            • Its relatively small size
            • No filters and no disposable pods needed
            • The package contains all the necessary accessories, including a reusable mesh filter, coffee scoop, cold and hot tumbler, milk frother, carafe and a special cookbook with 40 recipes
            • It offers something suitable for every coffee lover
            • Programmable timer for delay brewing
            • Its glass carafe can hold 43 ounces
            • Thermal Flavor Extraction


            • Its brewing temperature may not be hot enough for some users
            • It may be messy with a cup brew setting
            • Can’t make true espresso