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Yurii Brown

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November 22, 2021

Starbucks Coffee Traveler

For a lot of people who need to buy coffee for an event or a meeting, Starbucks’ catering option is perfect. The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a great replacement for buying individual cups of coffee for everyone, while allowing them to choose how they want to drink their coffee. If you were not aware of this option so far, sit back and enjoy as we introduce one of the best offers of Starbucks for your gathering.

What is included in the Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

This option of Starbucks can be customized just like any other Starbucks item. The Starbucks Coffee Traveler actually comes in various shapes and sizes and tastes. Normally, the Starbucks box of coffee comes with 12 cups of 8 ounces or 8 cups of 12 ounces, milk, sugar packs, stir sticks and napkins. The sizing of the cups or how many cups exactly you will be getting will completely depend on your order. Since you can also order through the Starbucks app, you can specify all these things and make it the way you want. Since there are different tastes, you should probably make sure that the people in your gathering will like the taste. The one great thing about these Coffee Travelers is that everyone at the gathering will be able to adjust different amounts of sugar or milk based on their own preferences, so you wouldn’t have to ask each of them individually for their desired coffee.

How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

Now that we know what can be found along with the big box of coffee, it is time to talk about the Starbucks Coffee Traveler price. This price can differ based on the size of the box you are getting and which store you are getting it from. Different cities and different locations have different prices. However, you can expect anything between $15.95 to $19.95 pre-tax. You might ask if it is worth the price. We would say it absolutely is. The reason for this is that you would expect to pay anything around $4 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. This again depends on the cup size and the type of coffee. So it should go without saying that for 12 cups of fresh and hot coffee, this price is absolutely fair. Plus, you don’t have to go through customization of each cup based on each person’s taste. Therefore, it is both a save of money and a save of time. So, don’t even bother yourself being worried with the Starbucks Coffee Traveler price. It is a win in any case.

How Many Types of Starbucks Coffee Travelers are there?

As mentioned before, you can choose a specific flavor set and coffee bean roast type for your gathering. Starbucks actually gives you 4 roast options for these coffee travelers. [1] Some of them might not be available in certains shops, so you will have to check on their application or on the website. Anyhow, here are the 4 choices that you have.

Blonde Roast

This one is the most common roast type of the Coffee Travelers. This roast type is light and gives the coffee a very smooth taste and makes it super easy to drink. It also has a sweet taste of a mixture of milk, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. 

Dark Roast

This roast is the best choice if you want everyone in your meeting alert as soon as possible. It is a very strong and rich blend that will make the aroma stay in the room for long. It is the strongest blend out of them all, and is perfect for meetings that are held early in the morning. Nobody will really hate this blend as it offers the most common taste of brews, while preserving the richness and nostalgic thickness of coffee. 

Pike Place Roast

The Pike Place Roast is the one type of roast that everyone will love. Starbucks itself came up with this blend. You cannot possibly go wrong with this blend. It is for maintaining the balance between taste and caffeine intake. For people who don’t want it too bitter or too strong, but want a good amount of caffeine with a semi-sweet taste and smooth texture, this is perfection. It also comes with the cocoa and toasted nut taste, as two of the best additions to coffee. You can drink it at any time of the day and it feels just right.

Decaf Pike Place Roast 

This roast type is the same as Pike Place roast, but perfect for people with caffeine intolerance. If for any reason you don’t want to have any caffeine intakes, this is for you. The coffee will have lost about 96% of its caffeine content, but preserved its rich taste of nuts and cocoa along with the rich taste of coffee. You don’t have to stop yourself from enjoying this fantastic blend if you only drink decaf. It goes without saying that this can be consumed at any time of the day, as well.

Starbucks Gallon Coffee (with Prices)

As mentioned before, you can have your box of coffee in the right size for your meeting. This comes in the Starbucks Gallon Coffee. The box is available in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 5 gallon. For which you would expect to pay $20, $45, and $90, respectively. In the same order, the 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 5 gallon boxes would suffice for 16, 40, and 80 servings. This is one of the great things about Starbucks the way they allow you to customize your order. So, if you are thinking about holding a large gathering, no worries. The Starbucks Gallon Coffee is here to the rescue. 

Starbucks Box of Coffee (with Prices)

Now, let us talk about the price you could expect for the Starbucks box of coffee, which is convenient to carry and keeps the coffee warm for more than 30 minutes depending on the temperature of the day. Most of the time, you can pay around $12.95 per box. This is 96 ounces of coffee that can come with different cup sizes, as mentioned before. Let’s just face the fact. There are only two ways for serving 12 people at a time, these Starbucks boxes or 3 in 1 coffee makers to do it yourself. Whichever you prefer, make sure you’re always on-time for the meeting.


Now that you know everything about the Starbucks Coffee Travelers, and you know how much to exactly expect as the Starbucks Coffee Traveler price, you can safely install the Starbucks application, and order your desired blend and sizing right in time for your meeting. Make sure you pay attention to the distance you have to go to get the box and the temperature of the weather so you can welcome your guests with the hot and rich aroma of fresh coffee. 

Thank you for reading this article, and hope you have gotten the answer to your question. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments.


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