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Yurii Brown

Certified Barista

November 24, 2021

Stone Spiral Coffee House

Coffee shops are a great place to meet different people, hang out with your friends, and have your caffeine fix on the side. Sometimes, it is not just about drinking coffee and getting some snacks. Most of the time, the coffee house you visit has got a history to it and hosts many cultural events. Stone Spiral Coffee House in Maplewood, Missouri is an example of a warm hangout place in the heart of the Maplewood community. It is not just your average coffee shop, but a place to save your memories.

The History of Stone Spiral Coffee House

Stone Spiral Coffee Shop opened back in 2008, in a street corner that made everyone hungry for some great food and thirsty for warm and tasty coffee and tea. Since they opened more than 10 years ago, they have found their place in the heart of the Maplewood community. They serve great coffee and food, with a vast range of options from sandwiches and Burritos to salads and pies. 

Stone Spiral in Maplewood is not just about the food they serve, though. They hold several events, such as music performances, book clubs, knitting clubs, and hosting game groups and painting groups. Favorite musicians nearby tend to perform here and people join in the events and network here. This coffee house hosts all types of entertainment that communities desire. 

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Inside Stone Spiral Coffee Shop

When you enter the coffee shop, you are greeted by all the artworks and pictures on the wall, sharing great pieces of artistic value and cultural moments. You can also see the bookshelf in which they keep all the great books for the book groups. A lot of people donate great books to the coffee house. Borrowing a book is also free, which is one of the best community support actions taken by this coffee shop.

Stone Spiral’s Menu

If you are wondering what else you can get on the side of a great cup of coffee, you should know that different types of sandwiches, such as ham and cheese, bacon and cheese, egg and cheese, and smoked salmon are available. You can also get some freshly toasted Bagel and cheese, Yoghurt and Granola, and Oatmeal at a fair price at Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios

Great news for vegan friends, as well, because you have great vegan options, such as Vegan Chickpea salad sandwich, Spinach salad, and Hummus. 

You might want to know what coffee or tea they make, too. Not only do they have seasonal favorites like lavender tea or Dirty Chai, they offer pour-overs, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, and Hot Chocolate.


A coffee house is about the coffee and food that they offer, and sometimes even more about the way they manage to bring different communities together. Stone Spiral Coffee is one of the best places in Maplewood that teaches us to share our coffee moments with our loved ones and make new friends. So, make sure you stay tuned for their music events and check their shop out for relaxing with a great cup of coffee.

Yurii Brown

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