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September 16, 2021

Used Espresso Machine

An espresso machine in your kitchen is a worthy investment in your home and health. But the cost of a new espresso machine is constantly on the high side and unaffordable.

If you are like most homeowners, you probably consider getting a used espresso machine to fix your caffeine. Buying an espresso machine that has been used or a refurbished espresso machine is a great solution, as you get quality equipment at a low affordable price.

In this guide, we would help you understand why getting a used espresso machine is an excellent option to a brand new one, the benefits, and where to get a good espresso machine under $1000.

Why do you need a used espresso machine?

There is this confidence and assurance you get when you purchase brand new machines or equipment that they are free of any defects and that they function correctly. Well! With used or refurbished machines, that confidence is lacking as they aren’t totally new and may have some flaws.

Maybe you have experienced such or have a neighbor with such an unpleasant experience of purchasing a used machine only to find out it was a total waste of money. So why should you bother buying a used espresso coffee machine? 

The primary motivator why most people purchase a used or refurbished espresso coffee maker is the cost. Most machines’ used and refurbished models are significantly cheaper than the new ones, which cost several thousands of dollars.

So if you are looking to get a quality espresso machine that will brew delicious and complex taste espresso in the comfort of your home while saving a little cash, then we recommend you get a used or refurbished model from a reputable espresso machine dealer.

What are the benefits of purchasing a used espresso machine?

For you to achieve that satisfying caffeine taste you get from the local coffee shop down the street, you need a good espresso machine with high-quality coffee beans in your home.

With a used or refurbished top-rated espresso machine with a grinder, you can make a variety of drinks ranging from cappuccinos, long blacks, iced Coffee, ristrettos, and lattes at the comfort of your home.

Here are other benefits of getting a used model of espresso machine:

  1. Save Money

This is the most obvious benefit of getting an espresso machine that has been used. Most homeowners and commercial coffee makers sometimes get an almost brand new espresso machine at a much lower price, especially in the case of refurbished espresso makers.

Because these equipment are professionally reviewed before resell, no issues are expected to arise in their use. Hence purchasing them saves you a lot of money than getting a brand new one.

2.  Sustainability

By purchasing a used espresso machine, you are not just saving more money for yourself, but you are also helping to keep the environment safe from landfill waste.

The use of refurbished and used machines still in perfect condition is much more environmentally-friendly than new espresso machines.

3. Enhanced Quality

Espresso machines are in different grades with varying costs. Hence, getting a used machine presents you with more options for purchasing higher grades of espresso machines.

For the same amount you would have used to purchase a brand new espresso machine of lesser quality, you can now get a higher quality of either a refurbished or used model that will produce a higher quality of the espresso.

4. Increased production

This applies to commercial espresso baristas because they will have to meet the demands of their customers. So if you are a commercial barista purchasing a used model of the espresso machine will increase your production level compared to when there was no espresso machine or when you have to use a rented espresso machine.

Purchasing a used or refurbished model of espresso machine is the best way to keep your caffeine needs fixed without breaking the bank.

Which espresso machine is best for you?

When it comes to used or refurbished models of espresso machines, there are a lot of good ones that are bold, sleek, operate with precision, and at low prices out there that your only problem will be selecting the one that is best for you. But beyond the exterior aesthetics and price, an espresso machine is designed to create an emotional bond between the machine and the barista (1). Hence it is crucial you get a suitable model of a used espresso coffee machine for your use. We recommend before you purchase a used or refurbished model of an espresso machine, you should consider what you require from the device. This includes:
  • Drinks you will prepare
  • Preparation time
  • Espresso quality
  • Available labor
  • Target consumer
  • Personal preference
In addition, your preference is either convenience or control over the brewing process, and your skills should be taken into consideration. For example, if you are the type that prefers convenience in your brewing process, then automatic espresso machines are best for you. However, if you prefer to have some control over the brewing process, then a semi-automatic espresso machine is what you need. Whatever your need or choice, there is a used model of espresso machine for you.

Where to purchase a used espresso machine

Purchasing a used or refurbished espresso machine is an excellent way to cut espresso machine costs and save some bucks. But where is the right place to get a quality used model of espresso machine that won’t give any issues? Getting a refurbished or used espresso machine is like getting a fairly used car. You will only have peace of mind if you get it from a trusted, reputable dealer. One that professionally inspects and certifies their used machines before reselling. Here are some reputable resellers to get your used espresso maker:
  • Whole Latte Love. Whole latte love is the home for refurbished machines. They are so knowledgeable about espresso machines that they offer a 30-day return policy for all espresso machines sold by them. They don’t just sell brand new espresso machines; they also service and resell any brand of espresso machine you could imagine.Whole latte love is an authority when it comes to the used and refurbished espresso maker. They are well knowledgeable in what they do. So you are well assured of a good functioning espresso machine when you purchase from whole latte love.They also have an excellent certification process with a strict inspecting and testing process that ensures you get a superb functioning espresso machine.
  • 1st In Coffee. This company provides an excellent online shopping platform where wide selections of espresso machines are sold. In addition, they are a one-stop shop for different used models of espresso machines, coffee makers, and much coffee-related stuff.They are regarded as the kings of online refurbished espresso makers. They pride themselves in selling used devices that have been refurbished using their meticulous testing and inspection process. Their refurbished espresso and coffee makers all come with a six-month to one-year warranty with free shipping on all items over $50.With every device on this platform for sale, detailed information about the model is provided. This has established a trusted and respected name for them in the market.
  • Seattle Coffee Gear. Seattle coffee gear is another company that prides itself on the fact that they do not offer any used machine that hasn’t been refurbished. Instead, they provide refurbished models of espresso machines that are certified by their manufacturers with a six-month to a one-year warranty. Hence, you can be confident browsing through their inventory and buying a used model of an espresso machine from them.They also offer great discounts on the espresso makers they resell with free shipping and a six-month warranty.
  • Espresso Machine Experts. Espresso machine experts have a long-standing and trusted relationship with the coffee industry. They possess a lot of passion and commitment to the coffee industry. Hence you can trust their decent collection of used and refurbished models of espresso machines.When shopping, they provide you with guides and one-on-one help to ensure you make the right decision when making the final purchase of a used model of an espresso machine.


Should I get a used espresso machine?

We know getting a brand new espresso machine can be intimidating because of the cost. So if you are an office or a home barista, we recommend getting a used or refurbished espresso maker to make your Coffee, espresso, and lattes.

Is an espresso machine good?

Used espresso and coffee machines are a great way to get a piece of good kitchen equipment at a low price. But the chances of getting a suitable device with no issues lie in your ability to buy from a trusted and reputable reseller.


Purchasing a used and refurbished espresso maker is a great way to own and be able to make home-brewed espresso at your convenience without having to spend an enormous amount of money.

Although you can get used espresso makers at a much-discounted price, it is imperative you purchase the machine from a certified and trusted reseller. This will assure you peace of mind when using a refurbished espresso maker.

We recommend you get your used espresso and coffee machines from the above-trusted resellers. As they offer good functioning machines that won’t cost you your peace of mind. Why do you think people return their espresso machines and have you purchased any used espresso and coffee machines before? Let us know in the comment section.

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